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About Cuddle Corn, LLC

About Our Product

What's all the talk about Cuddle Corn?  Cuddle Corn uses whole kernel corn.  Whole kernel corn provides a moist heat, and together with the breathable cotton fabric, delivers a penetrating warmth, helping to ease the discomfort of many ailments. Cuddle Corn is convenient, portable, and the perfect travel solution. You can have cuddling comfort with you wherever you go. Cuddle Corn is available in 6 sizes - 1 for every area of your body! Each Cuddle Corn does the same thing, but the individual sizes can provide targeted relief to specific areas. See the description of each size in the online store.

Company Profile

There is a lot to learn about Cuddle Corn.  Founded in 2012, Cuddle Corn remains a family run, owned, and operated business in Virginia.   With only a handful of employees, we ensure that all possible value is passed to our customer by keeping our books lean and our products clean.

While some of our competitors are focused on sales, our focus is on quality products which yields happy and returning customers!

Why Cuddle Corn

Every day, people are becoming more and more active, and are constantly looking for convenient, portable products to fit their lifestyle. Everyone wants products that work. Heating pads require an electrical outlet, are awkward, stiff, and can be dangerous. Electric heating pads do not conform to the body, and can be more uncomfortable than the aches and pains you are trying to treat.

Safe To Use

With Cuddle Corn, you can go to bed secure in the fact that you will not be burned. It will never get hotter than when you remove it from the microwave, but warm enough to help you relax and soothe you as your drift off to sleep. It will hold its heat for up to an hour, depending on the size you are using. A bag of frozen peas can get downright gross. Depending upon size, Cuddle Corn can provide relief for 20 minutes or up to 1 hour! Cuddle Corn is a safe and smart alternative for a heating pad or ice pack, made with breathable cotton fabrics and clean whole kernel corn.


Microwave oven temperatures vary. Be sure to follow the suggested heating times. Be careful when removing corn bag from microwave and applying to body. It will be hot. Shake bag first, and make sure it’s not too hot. If it is, just lay on the counter to cool for a few moments. Use extra caution when using on a child. To prolong the life of your Cuddle Corn, follow the heating and freezing instructions properly.

Our Customers

Robert B.

New Bern, NC
Your Cuddle Corn bag is great. After two minutes in my microwave I have a comfortable heating pad that last for well over an hour. I also use it constantly as a pillow. It is very comfortable and easy to mold into whatever position I want. Who needs a heating pad or ice pack once they have this? Thanks a million!

Debbie O.

Rocky Mount, NC
Cuddle Corn is a wonderful product! My whole family loves it. I bought a set for myself and for my two sons. My grandchildren love them also. Great for all your aches and pains and great for the childrens boo boo's! What a wonderful NC mad product. I love to buy local.

Garde P.

Wilson, NC
I love my Cuddle Corn! I have one for my back, one for my headaches and one for my neck and shoulders. ..having rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, I have often heated up the back pad for my hands... It really works well. Several of my friends have purchased them and are all satisfied... I plan to continue to purchase these items and recommend them.

Carol E

Pinehurst, NC
As a cancer patient going through chemo for the first time, I found an all new use for my Cuddle Corn bags. For those few days after treatment when my whole body aches, I just heat up my Cuddle Corn bag before going to bed and I lay it wherever I’m feeling the worst (legs, stomach, head, etc). There’s something about the heat and the weight that comforts me and helps me fall asleep. I have already purchased several for friends going through similar situations. Shipping is fast. I can add a note to the recipient. And I love supporting a local business.

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