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Local Business

Cuddle Corn is made right here in Salem, Virginia.  The corn filling in each compress is harvested and grown locally.

Durable Construction

Our Cuddle Corn is built to last.  Our seamstresses craft each compress with double-stitching techniques to ensure you get as much use as possible out of each purchase.

Fast & Safe Relief

When you need a hot or cold compress, sometimes it can be too cold or too hot.  Cuddle Corn uses a cotton-fabric covering to provide a buffer between the heat or cold and your skin.

Pick Your Cuddle Corn

Cuddle Corn is a multi-use, durable, and versatile heating pad or cold compress to use for medical treatment, pain relief and for simply cooling off in the hot summer days.  Cuddle Corn is tailored locally in Salem, Virginia while the corn filling is triple-cleaned and also grown locally.


Most orders ship within 2-3 business days.

Heated Uses


Use on knees, elbows, as needed for pain and stiffness.


Use as directed by a physician.

Menstrual Cramps

Use larger Cuddle Corns around the lower abdomen and lower back.


Use smaller Cuddle Corns around the infected area.

Sinus Pressure

Use mini and originals to lay over face for sinus headaches.

Ear Aches

Use smaller Cuddle Corn to cover the infected ear.

Neck Pain & Stiffness

Use longer Cuddle Corns around the neck area for those stiff neck days.

Back Pain

You can use larger Cuddle Corns for large areas of pain and knots or smaller Cuddle Corns for targeted relief.

Sore Muscles

Use as needed to the area that is sore.

Aid In digestion

Use larger Cuddle Corns in upper abdominal region.


Use as needed around the body or head.

Bed Warmers

Use in bed as needed or desired.

Chilled Uses

Migraine Headaches

Use small Cuddle Corns on the sides of the face and forehead region.

Post Surgery

Use as directed by your physician.

Sports Injuries

Use as directed by a physician.

Hot Flashes

Use as needed.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Use smaller Cuddle Corn around the bottom of the wrist.

Insect Stings

Use smaller Cuddle Corn for inflamed area.

Cool Pet in Summer

Use as needed around the neck and head for quick cooling.


Use on the forehead.

Mild Sunburn

Use on affected areas.



Cuddle Corn


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