The use of ice packs or heating pad has been used for soothing pain or nursing an injury for many years now.  This self-treatment is an inexpensive option with very minimal to zero risk factors.

The use of ice treatment started as far back as the early 1800’s when doctors numbed the injured soldiers’ arms or legs.  If soldiers needed amputations, they would first numb the area with ice or snow before performing amputations out in the field.  Snow was used at times replacing the absence of ice.

It was not until 1971 that a man named Jacob Spencer, a pharmacist, patented the first heat and ice pack.  The hot and cold compress was designed with a gel inside.  He went through different design variations until it came down to the blue gel hot and cold pack.

Just as with every product or new invention, people continue to make changes to improve the clients comfort and preference.  The cold compress and microwave heating pad has many variations to make it more soothing and interesting.

The corn filled ice pack or heating pad is a great inexpensive self-treatment pads.   One of the benefits to using the corn filled heating pads is that it takes very little time to heat.  In most cases, it only takes 15-30 seconds.  We haven’t mentioned the fact that corn heating pad has a soothing scent when heating.

The custom made corn filled heating pads also come in a variation of sizes to comfort the different pains and aches throughout the body.  Want to know more about our product?  Click here to learn more about us