Cuddle Corn is a fabulous product.  I have people tell me this every day.  A question customers ask a lot is ‘Why does corn work better than rice?’  I actually looked into rice (as well as other fillers) when I started the company.  Rice is an extremely small grain – therefore the heat cannot be retained for very long. Corn, being a larger grain, holds the heat up to 3 times longer! Rice disintegrates over time and turns to a powder.  Corn is a hard kernel and will not disintegrate.  Rice can scorch and get a very foul odor.  Corn will always smell like corn.  You can freeze corn as well.  Therefore, corn is the best filler.   Remember Cuddle Corn has six sizes to choose from – one for every part of your body, and for every ache and pain!

Proudly made in the USA!

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